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Letter from Our Founder

It is challenging to get through never ending to-do lists in our busy and dynamic lives. Career stress is rising: 67% of all workers believe burnout has worsened during the pandemic. We wait too long to get help: Many work for 20 years without receiving any leadership coaching or training.

Previously, as a startup tech advisor, I helped a stellar group of CEOs elevate their core business with technology. I worked with domain experts like Din Tai Fung and CVAI to transform their business, and each new business presents me with an exciting opportunity that I could hardly say no to. In continuing to keep up my track record of successes and pursue ongoing growth, I struggled with severe burnout. Eventually, my hyper-stressed nervous system broke down, forcing me to hit the pause button on all the exciting new opportunities.

I spent the following year resetting my career and rebalancing my priorities for work, play, and life. Through the process, I learned that there are many hauntings that held me back and inversely affected my life. I knew they were deep in my heart but had no idea how to deal with them. Even though I could pretend my life is colorful, I knew a part of me was dark and insecure.

Over the next four years, I sought out therapists and coaches to redesign the systems for my life. After a series of small but mighty experiments, I learned to transform my hauntings and built systems to achieve my own dreams. I am now working on something I truly care about—coaching hundreds of compassionate leaders to do the same.

In one year, we've helped hundreds of high achievers find their core values and build their life systems in the LivingOS Fellowship. Our last cohort saw a 97 NPS score. We're just getting started.

Interested in helping? Let's talk.

— Charlene Wang, Founder of LivingOS, Fall 2021

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