The Power of Affirmation

Remember the lazy days? 

A day when negative feedback, or a lack of feedback, caught you off guard. A day when you ran out of creative juice. A day when you were debating whether there was a better way to spend your time—to write or not to write. A day when you were losing interest in an ambitious goal you set for yourself. 

It is human to feel the ups and downs, but it is also human to find a way out. 

What do you want your life to look like

In my first coaching session, I will help my clients tap into their intuition and examine the biggest challenges in their lives. Together, we will develop a personal affirmation to guide the way they want to show up in their daily lives. 

Here are some ideas from my clients: 

  • I want to have the time and money to do everything I love to do. 
  • I want to enjoy a lovely relationship with my husband. 
  • I want to think and speak with love.
  • I want to expand in love and creativity and inspire others to do the same.

Could you take a few minutes to write down what you would like to have in your life? The more personal the affirmation, the more powerful it gets. 

Why affirmations might not work 

  1. You don’t resonate with it. While it might be tempting to copy your role model’s affirmation, it does not work if you don’t feel excited about it. Your affirmation needs to inspire you, excite you, and even scare you a little. Read your affirmations out loud and ask yourself: 
    1. How do they sound and make me feel? 
    2. Do they excite and scare me? 
  2. You don’t believe it. Your affirmation doesn’t have to be probable, but it has to be at least possible. If you have any doubts, turn your focus to questioning your affirmation and creating space to make them happen in your life. 
    1. If your affirmation is to “think and speak with love,” ask yourself: To think and speak with love, how do I need to grow? 
    2. If your affirmation is to “operate with such a deep sense of focus and purpose,” ask yourself: If I had such a deep sense of focus and purpose, what could I get done in this world? 
  3. You hedge it passively. While you may tend to hedge your affirmation, direct statements carry a lot more power. It is more powerful when you can imagine the affirmation as your reality. 
    1. Instead of “I would write a bestseller one day,” say “I have a successful book launch on April 26th.” 

Now that you have addressed the three common flaws of affirmation, let’s look at why affirmation is so powerful. 

Think of affirmation as fruits from your subconscious. While you may not be in touch with your subconscious, it never ceases to influence the stories we tell ourselves. If you want to rewrite your way of being or uplevel your performance, you need to guide your subconscious accordingly. And since your non-dominant hand is connected to your subconscious mind, writing it down with your non-dominant hand will help influence your intuition directly. 

By coming up with a powerful affirmation that excites you, you bring your subconscious back to your most resourceful state, where you have abundant energy to overcome challenges in your life. By training your subconscious with affirmation day after day, you prepare your best self to make decisions during stressful moments in life. 

Putting your affirmation into a daily journal and meditation

If you feel comfortable, write the affirmation down and put it next to your laptop. 

Every morning, revisit the affirmation and let yourself savor the delicious positive energy. 

This routine will help you develop a sense of agency and assert “This is how I show up for my life.” 

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