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Yesterday I published an article sharing the Vishen Lakhiani’s 11 worldviews from his new book The Buddha and the Badass. In this book, Vishen integrates his personal journey of building Mindvalley, interviewing industry pioneers, and leading the team towards a billion-dollar company.

I’ve detailed the three big ideas below and plan to run a few experiments in tomorrow’s team retreat. Can’t wait to share what we learn with you ✨

#1 What Great Leads Do

  1. Great leaders don’t let you get comfortable. They push you to do things you once thought impossible. Remember that impossible is just a state of mind.
  2. Great leaders hire the best people. They get them to join their team, give them good work, and get out of their way to focus on bigger vision.
  3. Great leaders share their audacious dream and work with people to turn the vision into reality. They attract the best people by working on a problem that is worth solving!

However, there is a dark side to moving too fast toward incredible visions. It occurs when you forget to take a step to take care of yourself.

#2 Hard Work ≠ Success

Though I strongly believe in the power of hard things, I don’t believe that hard work is the most optimal path to success. We often believe in the power of hard work because we are told this way.

Here are the questions Vishen recommend you to ask:

What if business was easy?

What if making millions of dollars was fun and easy?

What if we had a belief that the more money I make, the more money I make automatically?

In addition to that, research has shown a lot of merits to play. As Alex Pang writes in Restdeep play is the key to unlock your serious athletic abilities and get into the flow. I plan to write an article on how my new focus on play helps me get even more out of life.

#3 Transcend your everyday self

Here’s how you can take your work to the next level.

When your work is aligned with the legacy you want to leave in the world, your mission will drive you to do the best work. Some people call this self-transcendence—the act of transcending your personal concerns to uplift others and enhance the world.

In college, I took some time to take a step back and write my own obituary. This exercise has helped me reflect on what I want my legacy on this planet to be and figure out my Why in life. If you decide to do this exercise, I am happy to take a look and provide you with some feedback.

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