How To Build Product Intuition

How To Build Product Intuition

Earlier today, I shared two crucial product management principles — User Empathy and Decision Making — with 100+ aspiring product managers.

Here are some highlights from the workshop (and recording!)

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Can you think of a product you love or hate?

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Perhaps you are like me — love Tiktok, Notion, Robinhood, and Spotify and hate the Wayfair bed.

Now ask yourself why you like (or hate) it. Is it because of the great design or versatile feature? Or is there something deeper?

I’d argue that all these reasons can be traced back to the following five core human needs:

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Most great products satisfy at least one human need. On the other hand, terrible products most likely mess up a few of them. To build a great product, you’d need to address user needs and/or pain points elegantly.

Check out this post for how to practice empathy in life.

Decision Making

Before we talk about prioritization, it is important to make sure that we are solving a real problem. Here is the key question to finding the root problem:

What would have to be true for this problem to not exist in the first place?

Once we identify the right problem, we can use the following 2 by 2 to prioritize the potential solutions.

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We should aim to complete reversible and insignificant decisions ASAP and irreversible and significant decisions ALAP. For anything in between, we should try to gather more information to move them towards ASAP or ALAP, but not in between.

In product management, this framework works for deciding how to prioritize a feature, sunset a product, or launch a project.

That’s a quick overview of the workshop.

If you are interested in the full session, check out the deck here and recording here.

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