How To Build Your Personal Brand

A clear personal brand helps people understand who you are and let your work speak for itself.

While not everyone wants to be a social media influencer, personal brand has a very powerful benefit: Embrace your authenticity.

Four questions to position your brand:

  1. What does the world need the most? What would be helpful to your younger self? What would you like to read in 5 years?
  2. How does your gift best serve the need of the time? Write down your top three gifts (eg. optimism, grit, and language).
  3. Which of these gifts do you want to use? Write down how you want to use your gift (eg. create practical guide for people).
  4. Which of these gifts do I want to do right now? Write down something you can do right now.

Hopefully these four questions will help you define your unique brand in the world.

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