How We Work at LivingOS

LivingOS Team Principles

During our remote retreat, we talked about our vision and distilled the following principles from a month of work. Today I’d like to share some of our principles with you!


  1. We are a nonprofit. We started this business to change the world.
  2. We will devote time and attention to bring in positive social change.
  3. We invest in LivingOS from day one. We bring in revenue and invest all of them back to LivingOS University.

Long Term Strategy

  1. We create quality content that will stay relevant for the next 5–10 years.
  2. We help our users through awesome content, talk shows, podcasts, workshops, and coaching.
  3. We stand for ideas that allow people to fundamentally achieve their full potential and live happier for all ages.

Visionary Leadership

  1. We take bold actions. We try new ideas even if we are unsure about the outcome.
  2. We lead through actions. We do the behaviors and attitudes we expect.
  3. We bring in the best people and let them do their things. We know you are capable of much more than you think you are.
  4. We have high expectations and will coach you to reach the higher version of yourself.


  1. We understand that great people start their dream companies. We will help you achieve this dream.
  2. We provide training and coaching to help you grow. You’re free to learn from us and then move on when you’re ready. We respect entrepreneurship.

System Thinking

  1. Build once, done forever.
  2. We approach undefined problems and solve them creatively. We will turn these learnings into SOP and share them across the team.
  3. We write memos and scale these best practices across the team.
  4. We always amplify each other’s work and would showcase great content in multiple forms.

Hypotheses Testing

  1. We live in a world where instant feedback is readily available. Try to get as much feedback from the audience in the early process.
  2. We interview users and run experiments to see what parts of the message resonate the most with users.
  3. We write down our initial hypotheses and test them with experiments. We double down on the successes and would immediately address the parts that fall flat.

Transparent Communication

  1. We create a safe space so people feel free of judgment and ego. We have your best interest and would give critical feedback to help you grow.
  2. We would rather overcommunicate than under-communicate.
  3. We seek to understand before being understood.
  4. We would share lots of comments on your work.


  1. We constantly bounce ideas off each other and coordinate on big projects.
  2. We listen to new ideas and proactively seek new feedback.
  3. We collaborate rather than compete.
  4. We value every one of us. None of us can make this vision happen alone.

We regularly update this list as we grow.

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