Mentorship Circle Pilot

During our last team meeting, I came to realize that many people may not have the opportunity to get great mentorship.

While there are many ways to seek advice, it’s hard to get feedback on areas you are not aware of. Ironically, these blindspots are often a critical area of development, yet it is almost impossible to spot them on your own.

I have been fortunate to have mentors throughout college and careers, and I have been mentoring folks since my second year of college. Having been on both sides of this mentorship flywheel, I know how powerful a great match is (and how painful a poor fit is, too).

We believe that magic happens when we get two awesome people in the same room. With that, I want to share something my team has been working on…

Mentorship Circle Pilot

We are kickstarting a 3-month mentorship program aimed at helping first and second-gen Asian immigrants break down cultural and social barriers.

How do I know if I want to get a mentor?

Try asking yourself this question:

Am I surrounded by people who challenge me to be better?

If you already have advisors/managers/coaches dedicated to your personal growth, then you probably don’t need this right now. Otherwise, consider the upside of having someone unlock your next opportunity. How does that feel?

How do I know if I want to mentor people?

If you are passionate about giving back, ask yourself this question:

Do I want to help others grow their career/life?

If your answer is positive, then this may be a great opportunity for you to give back.

We will provide essential training and guides to help you become a great mentor.

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