Introducing Model Breakers

🤨 Why Now?

In the 2016 United States Presidential election, the Chinese American voting demographic had one of the lowest voter turnouts. This would indicate Chinese Americans don’t organize, or feel disenfranchised around American politics, which supports the model minority myth that Chinese are “naturally” quiet. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are, after all, talking about the same people who organized the Tiananmen Square Protests — one of the most revolutionary movements in recent history.

Granted, Chinese immigrants need a job to survive and a visa to stay. While it is convenient to fit in and follow the rules, it is dangerous to hand our power away. If we don’t think for ourselves, we are subject to the stereotypes that limit us. To liberate us from the false expectations, we need to know who we are, break the model minority, and build networks to change the perceptions at large.

Despite systematic racism, most of the harm is reinforced by the rest of us who have no intention to harm ourselves. We have invested so much into educating our next generations, but we forgot to invest in our community. We are so used to coping with everyday aggressions that we forget that the world doesn’t have to be this way. We are weaponized as a political token, from “Model Minority” to “Chinese Virus.” It is time for all of us, whether we’re studying, starting our professional careers, or becoming a role model to start these conversations and tell our own stories.

Model Breakers is living proof.

❤️ The Story Of My Book

Model Breakers is about the struggles we all experience, the struggle to be fully ourselves. 

The most important stories are often left untold in the cultural dialogue. The model minority stereotype rampant in America has affected the lives of every Asian person living in the US, who feels vulnerable or invisible. I hope to shatter the model minority stereotype, show our individual stories and reclaim our voice.

I began this journey with the motivation to help my little brother Warren. I started writing to my brother through a series of letters titled “Dear Warren” that went viral. I investigated the hurdles and questioned how to have a fulfilling college—and life—experience in America. While I wasn’t sure how many letters Warren had actually read (he only responded to one), I got overwhelming responses from readers who asked for more. 

My hope is that, in reading this book, you will discover how to break up with the model minority stereotype. In turn, we can change the immigrant narrative at large. 

You’ll hear stories such as…

  • How model minority reinforces that we are “minor” and distant from our true selves
  • How self-awareness and growth mindset redefine stereotypes in a powerful way 
  • How emotional and social awareness helps us go from surviving to thriving
  • How it is okay to not feel okay

Model Breakers is a work of nonfiction that speaks to people like my brother Warren—all the first, second, and third generations—and allies who want to create empowering identities for themselves. 

📕 The Making Of Model Breakers

Traditional publisher loans writers money, provides editing/layout support, and keeps ~85% of the profit. In exchange for the service and distribution, they get the ownership of your book and decide whether your content can be kept. Frankly, this term is not very favorable to creators…

Thanks to Taylor Swift’s movement on giving creators the ownership they deserve, the publishing industry has changed. In addition to traditional publishing, there is hybrid publishing which empowers me to write the book I want to write, stay true to my audience, and own it into the future.

Part of maintaining that ownership and serving that community requires an upfront investment. And that is where crowdsourcing comes in. The basic publishing cost is $5,000. From there, we will march towards the $8,000 goal for audiobooks. Once we hit the $8,000 goal, everyone will receive a complimentary audiobook too 🎧

Crowdsourcing is a powerful way to democratize the making of this book. To me, this book is not a publisher’s or my story. It’s ours, and I want us to own it.

When you pre-order the book, you’ll be joining a community that will help shape what comes in and out of the book. You’ll be investing in breaking the model minority stereotypes and rewriting a more empowering social narrative.

If you’re excited about bringing social change to the world, I hope you’ll consider pre-ordering a copy of Model Breakers. Pre-orders help bookstores decide whether or not to carry my book and help my publisher calculate how many copies to print. It’s also a way to signal that you believe in me (which helps me write more books in the future.)

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