Think Like A CMO

This week, I attended the third annual Spero Ventures Founder Summit on Zoom. Today I want to share some highlights from my favorite session with you: Think Like A CMO by startup veteran Sonny Mayugba.

10 Keys To Building Your Marketing Team

  1. Dream org: Org chart is not just for big companies. If you are running a marketing team, you should create a dream org that reflects your goal (brand, performance, insights, etc).
  2. Big rocks: Based on your business type, this may be increasing order frequency from X to Y or increasing app installments by X percent.
  3. Team: Hire for where you are going, not where you are currently at.
  4. Retreat: It is incredibly important to set aside some time for team development and creative strategies every once in a while. Inspired by this approach, I am currently organizing a retreat for my team next weekend!
  5. Marketing channel and roadmap: Create a 30-day content schedule for your internal and external channels. For each channel, come up with a corresponding list of tactics, people in charge, metrics, and timeline.
  6. Login credentials: Put all the logic credentials in one Google Doc.
  7. Analytics: Create a dashboard to analyze the performance on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis.
  8. Funnel conversion: Define your customer journey in a few steps. Here is an example journey: awareness → follow → web visitor → purchase → brand love. Brand love is often defined as LTV (lifetime value) in the startup world.
  9. Northstar metric: What is your business ultimately optimizing for? This is a good place to ignore vanity metrics (social followers) and focus on what truly matters (premium subscribers).
  10. Efficacy: Once you build a customer data stack, use these insights to inform your decisions for product/brand/growth marketing.

Interested in more marketing tips?

I recommend starting with The 1-Page Marketing Plan by Allan Dib.

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