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The Journey to Find Yourself

The latest cohort received a NPS of 96. Seventh cohort kicks off in Feb 2022.

The LivingOS Fellowship brings together inspiring high achievers with shared ambitions and values.

In this 6-week coaching series, you will:

  • Discover what would make your life more fulfilling
  • Build a system to achieve goals that are aligned with your values
  • Design and live a life you love

The Courage to Be Yourself

The third bootcamp cohort kicks off in Jan 2022.

Have you ever struggled to share an unpopular opinion amongst friends, speak up during meetings, or ask your team for help overcoming a challenging task? 

In this 1-week bootcamp, you will:

  • Acknowledge your emotions,
  • Transform your fears
  • Create your courage playbook

The Road to Make Your Dreams Come True

Coming Soon!

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LivingOS Experience
If none of these topics are top of mind for you right now, please submit one that is. We are here to help you!
If none of these topics are top of mind for you right now, please submit one that is. We are here to help you!
LivingOS Experience

Wall of Love

Let’s make a difference together. 

“The 6 weeks were healing, liberating and full of joy. I felt heard by myself. I felt exhilarated as I saw other ways to write my own narrative. I had a lot of fun with my cohort members in our journey of growth.”— Yunny
“The LivingOS Bootcamp was a gift of love. They bring together a great group of people and create an open and vulnerable space for everyone. This bootcamp has been a big part of my healing process as I recover from burnout and reclaim the me that I thought lost forever. I am a big fan of the LivingOS team!” — Sherry
“Before LivingOS, I was unhappy. I have an amazing career, a loving partner, yet I was constantly upset and lost . Thanks to Charlene and LivingOS, I learned about the root causes of my struggles and overcame them. The group coaching sessions were so effective that my friends noticed and commented on my changes.” — Tim

What makes our community strong is how we show up for each other.

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The Experience

LivingOS Fellowship Summer Cohort Alumni

Small Group Coaching

Each small group meets virtually every week over the course of the program. We help solve each other’s top problems from work to life.

LivingOS Fellowship Private Library

Personalized Curriculum

You will receive a series of exercises, activities, and frameworks designed to help you gain knowledge, skills, and follow through your goals. 

LivingOS Fellowship Alumni Community

Passionate Community

We create a safe space to build trust as a cohort and a broader community. That includes office hours, mentorship, and opportunities to create meaningful connections.

LivingOS Experience

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