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Hi, I am Charlene!

Charlene is the founder of LivingOS, a coaching company dedicated to helping high achievers get more out of life. Charlene has spent years coaching high achievers and pioneered the value coaching practice to help startup founders, angel investors, and seasoned operators find their true values and motivations in life in 20min.

Charlene is publishing her first book Model Breakers: Breaking Through Stereotypes and Embracing Your Authenticity in April and writes the LivingOS Newsletter

Charlene received her B.Sc. from Brown University and works as a product manager at Google. Charlene lives in the Bay Area with her husband and is a bit obsessed with oolong tea.


Model Breakers

Model Breakers is about the struggle we all experience, the struggle to be fully ourselves.

With this book, you will discover how to break up with the model minority stereotype. In turn, we can change the immigrant narrative at large.

“It’s rare to see a book that talks so elegantly about America’s deep-seated cultural prejudices but also serves as a hands-on guide to start changing them. Model Breakers could well herald the beginning of a new genre that seeks to not just reveal social problems but also to help people start to dismantle them. That’s something we’ve been sorely missing. An essential read for anyone, Asian-American or not, who seeks to understand the deep roots of the model minority myth and what we, as individuals and as a society, can do to break it.”
——Neel Mehta, Product Manager at Google, Bestselling Author of Swipe to Unlock and Bubble or Revolution

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“As a former high end coach, I know the value of regular coaching sessions. It’s been a busy time and my last check in was in January 2020 and it was revelatory. Today I did a session with the incredible, dynamic Charlene and she helped frame my thinking about my writing. As a result, I feel visibly more relaxed and excited than ever. Highly recommended and much gratitude.”
——Rand Leeb-du Toit, International speaker, lawyer, VC, serial entrepreneur, author

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“I no longer feel scared to tackle the problems I once thought unsolvable.”

“Through gratitude, I’m not slowing down but rather realizing my full potential by being more present and kinder to myself.”

“A huge thanks to Charlene for an incredible coaching session around personal values. She asked such powerful questions that led me to realizations I never came to before”
——Kevin Lee, Co-founder of the healthy ramen brand immi
“Thanks to Charlene, I realized that I have the answers. I can look within myself to discover new perspectives, new understanding, and get closer to my aspirational self.”
——Ashley Lin, CEO at Project Exchange

Wall of Love

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Thank you to Charlene Wang for the amazing clarity and insight she brought to goal setting. It took her only 10 minutes to dig down into my wants and priorities and help me listen to my intuitive voice!
——Tamara Scott, Managing Editor, TechnologyAdvice
Charlene is amazing! I always thought I would need a series of discussions to clarify my thinking. It took 20 minutes with her, and I took the remaining 5 minutes to let it all sink in. After the session, I felt rejuvenated and excited to move ahead with my journey!
——Ashish Bhateja, OnDeck Fellow

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